Guest Post: Want to Design User Behavior? Pass the ‘Regret Test’ First

By Nir Eyal What are the ethical responsibilities of companies that are able to manipulate human behavior on a massive scale? It’s a question one hopes technologists and designers ask themselves when building world-changing products — but one that hasn’t been asked often enough. Operant conditioning, intermittent reinforcement, the search for self-actualization — the techniques […]


Experiment Reveals How Surprisingly Easy It Is To Become A Fake Instagram Star And Get Brands To Pay You

Instagram influencer marketing is now a $1 billion dollar industry, and you don’t need a cute dog or a book-worthy lifestyle to get into the game. According to an investigation by marketing agency Mediakix, anyone can fake their way into signing profitable contracts with brands.   The agency created two fictitious Instagram accounts: 1) ‘a lifestyle […]

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